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Article on Biases in Leadership Assessments Forthcoming in PMR

The article’s title is “Agreeing to Disagree? Explaining Self-Other Disagreement on Leadership Behaviour.” It is co-authored with Dominik Vogel (University of Hamburg), and it is now forthcoming in Public Management Review.

Abstract: “Leadership research tends to treat differences among ratings of the same lead-ers as measurement error. Our study makes such varying perceptions of leader-ship behaviour its main phenomenon of investigation. We conceptualize diver-gent leadership ratings based on the difference between managers’ self-ratings and team members’ assessments of leadership behaviour. Using data from three German public organizations on 51 teams and 190 leader-follower dyads, we find that divergent leadership ratings are a function of managers’ motivation, their use of managerial reflection routines, and team members’ personality. The find-ings point to the importance of using multisource feedback and developing man-agers’ self- and other-awareness.”