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Current Research

Funded Research

Co-Principal Investigator (with Shaoming Cheng and Susannah Bruns Ali). “Policing Innovations and Community Relations.” U.S. Department of Justice (SPI Program), $112,040.

Working Papers

Kroll, Alexander. “Shared Measures: Collective Performance Data Use in Collaborations.”

Johnson, Donavon and Alexander Kroll. “The Effect of Electronic Program Applications Amidst the Politics of Administration Burden.”

Haensel, Kira and Alexander Kroll. “Does Leadership Matter the Most During Times of Crisis? Pre-Post Crisis Comparisons of the Impact of Transactional and Transformational Leadership.”

Benaine, S. Lorenzo and Alexander Kroll. “Does Prosocial Impact Reduce Performance Data Gaming? The Role of Data Visualizations and Expert-Novice Differences.”

Conference Papers

Kroll, Alexander, Willow Jacobson, and Kimberley Isett. 2021. “The Role of Distributed Leadership in Collective Performance Data Use.” Paper prepared for the Public Management Research (PMRC) Conference 2021, June 23-26, Hawaii (Virtual Conference).