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Current Research

Working Papers

Kroll, Alexander, Leisha DeHart-Davis, and Dominik Vogel. “Mechanisms of Social Capital in Organizations: How Team Cognition Influences Employee Commitment and Engagement.”

Kroll, Alexander and Obed Pasha. “Dealing with Cynicism towards Performance Management Reforms: Resources, Commitment, and Information.”

Conference Papers

Benaine, S. Lorenzo and Alexander Kroll. 2018. “Explaining Effort Substitution in Performance Systems: The Role of Task Difficulty and Mission Orientation.” Paper prepared for the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Conference, Washington, D.C.

Pasha, Obed, Alexander Kroll, and Michael Ash. 2018. “Assessing Police Performance Systems: The Impact of CompStat on Crime.” Paper Prepared for the Academy of Management Conference, Washington, D.C.